The Formula in Formula 1

With the Singapore Grand Prix happening this weekend, many of us would be watching the spectacle live or on our TVs. Behind the speed is a careful set of rules and regulations that dictates the performance of the vehicles. Zhimin explores how these rules shape the sport and how it affects consumer automobile buyers.

Moore’s Law 50th Birthday: What is a Transistor?

“The number of transistors that can be fitted onto an integrated circuit will double every 24 months.” On the 50th anniversary of the Moore’s Law, Zhimin Sim revisits this often quoted adage and attempts to explain briefly what this transistor is and how it helps our computers.


In line with the upcoming conference on nuclear technologies put together by students of GEM2910 Radiation and Society, Zhi Min writes a teaser explaining why renewables might not be the solution to our energy needs of the future.

Conservation Focus – the successful story of the Manta Birostris

Zhimin looks at the successful Manta conservation program in South East Asia over the last decade and why everyone should see one before they die.

Introduction to triathlon

In a year where you might have made resolutions related to physical activity, why not try your hand at multi-sport racing? Zhimin brings us an introduction to triathlon, the different distances and what it is like in a race.

Cog in the machine – why am I even studying this?

As the examinations draw closer, Zhi Min laments the decline of technocracy in Singapore and recalls his decision to read Mechanical Engineering in NUS