Nama Saya… (Reflections on the National Gallery)

Vanessa muses upon the idea of the National Gallery of Singapore as a restored space and what it can be re-invented to mean, in the light of both form and content – the many art pieces from the larger Southeast Asian region, as we attempt to negotiate between declarations and dreams.

Space Oddity: Planet Nine, Falsification, and the Impossible Dream

The world of astronomy has been abuzz recently over the prospect of finding a new planet in our solar system. Today, follow Wei Xiang as he examines the science behind the search for our solar system’s ninth planet.

In Pursuit of Possibilities – Five Years of Perspectives with Dr Catelijne Coopmans

In this edition of the 5 Years of Perspectives interview series, Dr Catelijne Coopmans shares with us how she perceives herself and Tembusu to have grown over these five years and some of her hopes for the College in the future.

Weekly Cartoon

Weekly Cartoon by Rachel Tay

Weekly Cartoon

Weekly cartoon by Rachel Tay.

A Day in the Life of Dr Margaret Tan

Dr Margaret Tan shares with us her experiences on a day-to-day basis both of work and leisure, from what motivates her to what she most cherishes in her time spent with her family.