Visages Villages: A Delightful Enigma in Seeing

Lune Loh writes a film review of the French film Visages Villages.

The Finale of Adventure Time

The series finale of Adventure Time leaves its audience to meditate on a space-like world populated by “lumpy” people, sentient confectioneries and a vampire queen. What is it that has made these characters and their stories so loveable and resonant? Yi Feng gives his take on the eight-year, ten-season children’s cartoon.

Food Project: Prata

Prata is one of the most loved dishes in Singapore. In this article, we delve into the makings of the dish we know today and, at the same time, review Springleaf at Sunset Way.

Crazy Rich Asians: A Review

Christopher Liew gives his take on the hit movie Crazy Rich Asians.

Filmbusu Treeview – A Clockwork Orange

Mun Yee takes a look at Filmbusu’s pick of the week – A Clockwork Orange, giving us her take on this dystopian science fiction film directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Filmbusu Treeview – Spotlight

A story told time after time, in Singapore and abroad, Spotlight explores the complicated and loaded relationships between the church, state and society. What happens when one betrays the trust of the other? And what happens, when the institutions that are supposed to protect the weak use their powers to shelter the powerful?