People of Interest

“You asked me to teach you chess and I’ve done that. It’s a useful mental exercise. Through the years many thinkers have been fascinated by it, but I don’t enjoy playing. Do you know why not? Because it was a game that was born during a brutal age when life counted for little and everyone […]

V, for Vitamins, not Vendetta

Hello, my name is Marcus Seah. I am a 2nd year medical student from Ponya. This is my medical column and the aim is to talk about medical issues, specifically those of public health. Public health issues concern the overall health of people rather than specific diseases and treatments. Dental care is one example. Many […]

Reclaiming Feminism: Yay/Nay/Why should I care?

When you think of Feminism, what comes to your mind? Man Hating Femi-nazis hunting you down with pitchforks? Or do you think of Taylor Swift preaching Girl Power and Solidarity? Our guest writer Michelle Heng discusses the evolution of feminism, from positive to negative to increasingly positive.

Tembusu Tuesdays Alumni Reunion: Salima

The Tembusu Tuesdays interview series aims to reconnect Tembusu with its alumni by learning about their current endeavours and having them share their wealth of experience with current Tembusians.   How did you find your experiences living here in Tembusu? Being in Tembusu was one of the best experiences of my life. It was a […]

Smells Like Team Spirit

Being in a team is full of paradoxes. Striving towards shared victory can be ostracizing and sometimes being part of a team can make you feel more alone. These are the challenges that everyone faces, but the simple experience of having fun with the people you grow to love makes everything worth it.

On Aging

There is often a romanticising of aging in the thought of all returning to dust or that in the end, we are as we come. Less heard and spoken of, is the story of ailing. This, though, is not to conflate aging with ailing. This rumination of sorts, in the words that follow, is not […]