Tembusu Tuesdays Alumni Reunion: Dexter Tan

An initiative by the Tembusu Tuesdays Working Group, The Tembusu Tuesdays interview series aims to reconnect Tembusu with its alumni by learning about their current endeavours and having them share their wealth of experience with current Tembusians. In this article, we speak to alumnus Dexter Tan.

Palliative care — what does this really mean?

Palliative care does not mean a loss of hope. It is a treatment that gives respect and dignity back to the patient to die on his own terms. Today in Treehouse, Marcus delves deep into the nooks and crannies of Singapore’s palliative care system in his article.

Why I Love Cats

A squat arm, outstretched; a fluffy paw spreading to reveal, ever so slightly, the elegant claws concealed within. Eyes shut, nose pointed, teeth bared – the stray yawned. “Will you just look at this sleepy thing,” my friend remarked. Coos instantly ensued, before the conversation dissolved into a series of unintelligible noises – almost non-human […]