UTown Intercollegiate Provost Challenge Shield Round 3 Recap

Due to a twist of fate, The Democratic People’s Republic of Tembusu were called upon on 11 Feb to challenge Yale-NUS and offer some hope to prevent an all Yale-NUS finals.

Tembusu Family Day: A day for the old and the new

Tembusu’s second ever Family Day on Saturday, Jan 18, was a time for its residents to bring their families and friends to the other place they call home, and offer them a glimpse into their world, their community and their lives on campus.

The Tommy Koh observer: Notes from a dialogue

At a dialogue session held at NUS’ Tembusu College on 20 January 2014, Prof Koh, the College’s Rector, spoke on his new book, The Tommy Koh Reader: Favourite Essays and Lectures.

UTown Intercollegiate Provost Challenge Shield Round 2 Recap

Debate is a battle of wits, a measure of linguistic agility and logical deduction. Like any other game or sport, debate engages and clashes ideas, tactics and stratagems against each other.