Tembusu, Living

Not everyone will find their answer to residential college life in a single paradigm of space. In this piece, Jesslene Lee explores the multiplicity of spaces she imagines Tembusu to be.

The Phantoms of Tembusu – An Attempt to Understand the Misunderstood

The label of phantom often has many negative connotations. Alex Chan raises some questions on how we perceive these “phantoms”, whether it is right to do so, and their own perspectives on the issue.

Tembusu Weekenders

Marshall Too gets bored staying in on his own weekends and goes on to ask around what other Tembusians think about their weekends in the college. Read on to a light-hearted piece that uncovers the undiscovered conditions that comes with community living, or maybe if you are just looking to take a break from all that studying.

Weekly Cartoon

Weekly Cartoon by Rachel Tay.