The Psychological Battleground of Investing

What goes through people’s minds when investing in a good stock? How does one’s psyche affect their odds of success in the stock market? Ho Khin Wai looks into the psychological battleground of investing.

Truths about Stock-Picking: Finding a Good Stock

When investing in the stock market, what makes a good stock pick? Ho Khinwai explains factors he looks at in picking out a good stock.

The Optics of Politics

Senior Minister of State Dr Janil Puthucheary recently spoke to Tembusuians at the invitation of Tembusu’s public policy interest group Polity. Bryan Kwa recounts the confab, recollects the rhetoric, and reflects on the points raised.

A Day in the Life of Misty

In a special edition of the Day in a Life, Lee Mun Yee and Jarratt Ong ‘speak’ to Misty about his life as college cat.