The Platform: A Review

Brendan reviews the 2019 Spanish film, ‘The Platform’.

Cash Love Clout

Year 3 alumnus Chee Meng reflects upon the construction of the public space intervention project that they and their teammate Andrew embarked on. Taking a final physical form of an anamorphic sculpture, the project prompts viewers to contemplate the concept of happiness.

Inside Tattoo Culture – Part 2: The Tattoo Construct

Sven Tan discusses tattoos as a cultural phenomena.

Debating Crossing the Island

Liew Yung Jun discusses the debate surrounding the construction of the upcoming Cross Island Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) line.

Obesogenic UTown?

Voon Jung describes how living on campus supports a potentially unhealthy supper culture.

Inside Tattoo Culture – Part 1: Tattoo and Tattooee

Sven Tan discusses the purposes of and stigma surrounding tattoos, as well as how people interact with them.