A war of words –University Town Intercollegiate Provost’s Challenge Shield Debate Tournament Primer

Jensen gives a brief introduction on the ongoing University Town Inter-Collegiate Provost Shield Debate Tournament.

Tembusu at the University of Western Australia: an interview with Purnima Balraju on her residential exchange programme at UWA

Tembusuian Purnima Bairaju shares with Treehouse about her experience in the Undergraduate Learning and Teaching Research Internship Scheme (ULTRIS) at the University of Western Australia. This residential exchange programme is an exclusive partnership between UWA, College of Alice & Peter Tan and Tembusu College.

Overrated and Overplayed: The Dangers of Musical Groupthink

Wei Xiang reflects on the choices of music played at the home of possiblities.

This Place We Call The Reading Room

The semester break was short but Jesslene missed, dearly, the Reading Room. Thankful for this delightful form in which she could indulge in reading, she urges Tembusu residents to be acquainted with this charming space.

5 Tembusu New Year Resolutions

With the start of the new year and indeed the new semester, Jensen Goh comes up with 5 ‘New Year Resolutions’ that may or may not bring about a more fulfilling time in your residential life.

tCambodia-The Journey, and beyond…

Tan Hui Ying writes about her trip to Siem Reap with tCambodia and shares her thoughts about the overseas volunteering experience.