A Brief History of Flight

In just over a century of powered flight, mankind has made huge progress in many respects. Wong Wei Xiang takes a look back at some of the innovations that have enabled this.

Freshmen FAQ: What Some of Your Seniors Think

Treehouse approached some of your seniors for those niggling questions that you always had – check out their unique perspectives and opinions here.

Musings on ASEAN: Representations of Regional Cooperation, Stories of Individual Aspirations, and Being an Amorphous Mass…

During the summer, Alif Zaini made a trip to Mahasarakham in the Northeast of Thailand, where he attended a regional youth conference – held by an organisation he would describe as “animated by the essences and potentialities of ASEAN”. In this piece, he muses on big diplomatic blocs, small student aspirations and the gaps between them.

Moore’s Law 50th Birthday: What is a Transistor?

“The number of transistors that can be fitted onto an integrated circuit will double every 24 months.” On the 50th anniversary of the Moore’s Law, Zhimin Sim revisits this often quoted adage and attempts to explain briefly what this transistor is and how it helps our computers.

It’s not (just) about the Hair – Shunji Matsuo Modelling Experience

The Shunji Matsuo Tembusu Show earlier this month more than impressed (and surprised) as fellows and students were transformed by the master himself and his team. Andrea tells us more about what happened in the six hours of preparation prior to the show, and reflects on her modelling experience.

Tomomi has Gained a Level! ATK +50

Wondered what some of our Tembusians were up to during the summer break? This week, Tomomi Hikawa shares with us her experience as an intern in a game developer’s world.