Make Me an Insta-lebrity!

“In the end, what does Instagram offer us?” Alex Chan introduces some of the deliberations that behind the phenomenon of striving towards insta-lebrity.

The Politics of Social Media

In today’s increasingly high-tech world, social media is seen as a must for politicians to utilise if they want to gain support. Isaac Neo explores why this is so and how social media can be used by politicians.

A Day in the Life of Levonne

This week on ‘A Day in the Life,’ political science wannabe Levonne shares her personal anecdotes on how she balances the time between extra-curricular activities and studies, as well as her time in Tembusu, and her hobbies.

Talking Funny: Laughter, Comedy, and Other Serious Matters

In the aftermath of his Arts Week performance, Wei Xiang offers a few thoughts on comedy, and reflects on the importance of laughter.

The Illusion of Control

Do you question if you are really in control? Ryan Cheong takes us further with this thought in his fictional short story today.

What Happens in the Stairwell

This poem by Blake Goh is our final feature from the Treehouse Writing Blitz, written in the stairwell, about the stairwell.