Day in a Life: Ong Kah Jing, the Storyteller and Explorer

The Day in a Life (DiaL) series continues with our interview with Ong Kah Jing, a Year Two Business Administration student and Project Director of the Tembusu College/STEER Indonesia Expedition and Director of The Conservation Conversation.

The Truth is Indeed Out There - Featured image from

Is There Any Truth in “Post-Truth”?

Denise Goh explores how the word “Post-Truth” has evolved in both usage and meaning over the past year, pre and post US Elections.

Reflections on the Middle Lift

Beyond the horrors of school, Ying Hui reflects on her harrowing experience in the (t)Halloween-themed middle lift last semester, and the conjuring of fear in one’s mind.

Designing a Home: How Tembusu’s Walls Shape the Bonds We Forge with Each Other

This week on Treehouse, Reuben Wang reflects on the architecture of Tembusu College and mediates upon the concept of ‘placelessness’.

A Day in the Life of Professor Tay Yong Chiang

This week, Professor Tay Yong Chiang shares with us his perspective on proof and truth, as well as his experiences interacting with his students both inside and outside the classroom.

Resolutions for the New Semester

Ryan Quek reflects on why New Year Resolutions so often fail, and attempts to set his own for the semester.