Teach, learn and inspire

Arjun Saha on Tembusu Mentors (TMentors), college’s local community outreach project founded by Valencia and David, Tembusu Alumni.

David Hoe – from mentee to mentor

Last semester, Tembusu College Senior David Hoe was interviewed by the Straits Times in a piece titled “How David Hoe fought his way to university”. Thatchinamoorthy krshnan, caught up with him to ask him some questions about his past experiences, current motivations and future ambitions.

Exchange Students: How’s life in Singapore – John Okocha

Viveka Kalidasan talks to John Okocha, an exchange student from Texas A&M, about how it feels to be a foreigner in this diverse community of opportunities.

Graduated Tembusians: Denis Tan

Denis Tan, distinguished alumnus of Tembusu College and NUS, talks to Viveka Kalidasan about his motivations, interests and hopes for the future.

Treehouse Writers Wanted!

Treehouse is recruiting writers. Please join us if you are interested in writing!

The State of Interest Groups: Where do we go from here?

Amit Gamane reflects on the current state and possible future of interest groups at Tembusu, considering how continuity might be promoted.