The Sophomore Slump

A year after writing about his Tembusu experience as a freshman, Isaac Neo pens a follow-up article, this time reflecting on his sophomore experience thus far.

The Experiences of MTS 10010, 11/10/2016

As part of the SG Sexuality and Gender Month, there was a HIV screening booth at UTown. Guest writer Ann Chia recounts her experience at the HIV screening, and how it taught her to see sexual health in a new light.

Not (Just) An Armchair Exercise

Is philosophy an armchair exercise? Not so, claims Denise, as she gives her take on what philosophy is to her.

Thoughts on Exchange

How do you spend your time on exchange? In this piece, guest writer Wei Xuan recounts the time he spent on exchange, and what he gained from it.

Modern Cowboys: Singapore’s émigré crisis

Call it wanderlust or by another name, the innate need to travel and see the world is prevalent amongst youths today. Reuben explores why this may be so – are we all modern cowboys in disguise?

Filmbusu Treeview – A Clockwork Orange

Mun Yee takes a look at Filmbusu’s pick of the week – A Clockwork Orange, giving us her take on this dystopian science fiction film directed by Stanley Kubrick.