What I learnt in my 2 years at Tembusu

As he reaches the end of his 2 year residence in the college, Yang Long takes this timely opportunity to look back at the 5 biggest lessons he has learnt at Tembusu. These lessons reflect his constant struggles in the last two years to reconcile both displacement and belonging.

Tembusu spoilt the market for me on Group Work

Today on Treehouse, Reuben Wang talks about why he finds group work in Tembusu College that much more tolerable than others.

Learning a new language – the ups and the downs

Today on Treehouse, Clarissa reflects on her experiences learning a third language.

My Most Important Class In Tembusu College

In a Letter to the Editor, Year 4 student Jason Lee reflects on his most important class in Tembusu College, the Heart of Negotiation Workshop.

As Elon Musk Dreams of Mars, He Leaves Earth Behind.

It is difficult not to be swayed by Elon Musk. The man is driven by two things: urgent action against climate change and living a life of adventure. He quips, “I don’t want to be anyone’s saviour. I just want to think of the future and not be sad!” It is implied that both his sense […]

I love both the Arts and the Sciences. What to do?

Reuben Wang reflects about the differences and barriers between the Arts and the Sciences.