Harry’s Game

At the end of the week of mourning for Singapore’s first Prime Minister, Jensen Goh writes his tribute.

Conservation Focus – the successful story of the Manta Birostris

Zhimin looks at the successful Manta conservation program in South East Asia over the last decade and why everyone should see one before they die.

The Cause for Conservation – The Asian Elephant

Mary Ann discusses the pressing need for conservation and how it relates to Tembusians, with a short feature on the Rector’s Shield.

GEM2910 Radiation and Society module visit to Nuklear Malaysia

Michelle Teo reflects on GEM2910 Radiation and Society’s class trip to Nuklear Malaysia under Professor Prakash Hande.

The Tembusu is A Native Tree

Jesslene reflects on our existence, about being and becoming, about the Tembusu being a native tree.

PS Love – The Internship that changed me [iLEAD]

Cassandra Teo shares her experience working in a start-up company called PSLove as part of the NUS iLEAD program, where she had a pleasure of learning valuable life lessons.