My Thoughts on Travelling

Guest writer Rosamund Lim shares with us a reflection on travelling and the many insights she gathers from her adventures out in the open in another feature from the Treehouse Writing Blitz.

Spaces Become Reminders

“Spaces are inextricably bound to the stories we tell about them – these are articulated in names, memories, and how they’re used. ” Erica Lim reflects on the narratives we build into brick and concrete, into spaces and places we come to call our own.

Man Against the Machine – AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol

It’s Man vs Machine again! Jensen Goh takes us through the recent battle between Go Champion Lee Sedol and AlphaGo, a Go AI, and the implications of what the result has for the future of AI.

Things I Wish I Had Said To The Prospective Tembusian

Many Tembusians were Guides at the recent Open Day. Kim Bumsoo reflects on his experience and ponders on what more he could have said to the prospective students.

Writing by Hand

Guest writer Kim Bumsoo reflects on the reasons why he prefers to take down notes using pen and paper, instead of using a computer.

Stair 6, 1 Thru 21, Storey 20

Tembusian Lim Jia Ying shares a poem composed during a Treehouse event, a Writing Blitz, which looks at the stairway in the college from a different perspective.