The Cross Island Line: Who Cares?

Guest writer Lee Juin Bin explains the controversy surrounding the proposed Cross Island Line, and what this means for the various stakeholders

Dear Us

University, grades, an education: what do they mean? Hoping to probe all who are a part of this ‘system’, Jesslene Lee attempts to break down the angst, anxiety, or ambivalence towards this ‘system’ that we, willingly or not, pander to.

A Day in the Life of Hamza

This week on ‘A Day in the Life,’ biomedical engineering student Hamza shares his personal anecdotes on how he balances the time in his days, his recent travels in Europe, and the poignant takeaways from his journeys there.

The Decline of Establishment Politics

The American primaries have been dominated by the attention lavished on anti-establishment candidates. Wong Wei Xiang attempts to lay out the reasons for their ascendancy and what it means for politics in this day and age.