Tembusu House Games 2016: An Unforeseen Victory

With the Tembusu House Games ending not too long ago, many of us still ache for that easy camaraderie and the addictive adrenaline rush which came with each match. In this piece, Ng Keng Gene shares with us his experiences throughout the games.

Filmbusu Treeview – Spotlight

A story told time after time, in Singapore and abroad, Spotlight explores the complicated and loaded relationships between the church, state and society. What happens when one betrays the trust of the other? And what happens, when the institutions that are supposed to protect the weak use their powers to shelter the powerful?

Life is a Liminal State: The Art of Negotiation

In this piece, Erica Lim reflects on her experience in the Negotiation workshop held in Tembusu, and how it helped her gain a new perspective on life.

Weekly Cartoon

At the end of another recess week, Rachel Tay depicts what may or may not have been your experience this past week.

Filmbusu Treeview – Kung Fu Hustle

Royanne takes a look at Filmbusu’s pick of the week – Kung Fu Hustle, and gives us her take on this hilarious Hong Kong martial arts comedy film (what a mouthful!)

What’s It Like To Dye Your Hair Blonde?

Marshall’s hair was blonde for the most part of a year, and he reflects on how his hair color shaped not only others’ perceptions of him, but his own perception of himself.