Capturing the Moment – Tembusu House Games Floorball Finals

The annual Tembusu House Games took place recently on the weekend leading in to recess week. A friendly competition between the five houses in Tembusu, it often serves as a highlight for the sporting types to claim glory and contribute to their house. Jensen Goh gives us a stunning commentary of the Shan vs Ora floorball fixture.

The Formula in Formula 1

With the Singapore Grand Prix happening this weekend, many of us would be watching the spectacle live or on our TVs. Behind the speed is a careful set of rules and regulations that dictates the performance of the vehicles. Zhimin explores how these rules shape the sport and how it affects consumer automobile buyers.

Weekly Cartoon

Weekly Cartoon by Rachel Tay.

The Ballot Box

On the eve of Polling Day, first-time voter Wong Wei Xiang reflects on the events leading up to the General Elections, and considers the role that voting has in building our nation.

GE2015: What’s in a Rally?

The election season is upon us yet again, and Isaac Neo made his first ever trip to a political rally. Armed with his camera and ears, he recounts his experience.

More than a Non-Voter

During the General Election, the role of non-voters has been relegated to the sidelines. Charis Lim explores the relationship between the state and the people and outlines civic society roles for non-voters.