Graduating Tembusians: Where to now?

Salima Nadira talks to some graduating Tembusu seniors about how they are charting their life paths now they have left the hallowed halls of academia.

Of proofs and truths

A short interview with Cedric Chin about his viral blog post on Professor Tay’s Junior Seminar, ‘Proof: What’s truth got to do with it?’

Tembusu welcomes a new tree friend

About 50 Tembusians and guests gathered to witness the planting of a camphor sapling that has been nurtured by a group of Tembusians for almost one and a half years.

Behind the scenes of my first publication

Kua Zhong Jie writes about working as an undergraduate researcher for a visual analysis study and getting published in a journal before graduation.

Tembusians go from students to teachers

This semester, a few select groups of Tembusians visited local Junior Colleges to deliver seminar-style lessons as part of the module Biomedicine and Singapore Society.

Tembusians shine at Q&A on possible Sino-Japanese war

Several Tembusians stepped up to the microphone and asked critical and insightful questions at the last Tembusu Forum on 20 Feb, entitled “Will there be another Sino-Japanese War?”