Behind the scenes of my first publication

On Apr 7, the study ‘Crafted assemblage: young women’s ‘lifestyle’ blogs, consumerism and citizenship in Singapore’ was published as a special issue in the Taylor & Francis Visual Studies journal. Listed as authors were University College London anthropologist Dr Jolynna Sinanan, Tembusu College senior lecturer and member of the Science, Technology and Society Cluster at the Asia Research Institute Dr Connor Graham, and Tembusu alumnae Kua Zhong Jie, who is still an undergraduate in NUS. Zhong Jie writes on her experience working as an undergraduate researcher and having her own paper published. The paper can be accessed here.  

by Kua Zhong Jie

Q: How it was like to work with a fellow? How did you manage to juggle this work with your studies and other commitments?

A: The story began on December 13, 2012 (gosh, two years ago already!) through an email with Dr Connor proposing that he had “a work opportunity for [me] over the holidays and it would involve doing some visual analysis”. At that time, I was in the process of writing another piece of work about leadership in the non-governmental sector for Dr Connor – an extension of the leadership module which I had completed under his tutelage. The methodology which I had adopted for that paper was visual analysis. To be honest, I was struggling a little with the approach since I was new to it. Hence, when Dr Connor suggested the opportunity to me, I thought for some time, “Should I try and do visual analysis again or just give up the opportunity? Why not use this chance to improve my analytic skills? Perhaps I might be able to use it for my psychological research (my major is psychology) in the future.” As you can see, I did not embark on this project knowing that I would be one of the authors of the final work, it was only through the process of writing and discussions that I bec