Tembusu freshies cultivate first SEED exhibition: Morphing Earth

Geometrical structures made of plywood and complex sketches displayed on boards set up in the Tembusu lobby were part of the first SEED exhibition, a new initiative by the Tembusu Think-Tank and Feedback Unit.

Tembusu wins UTown’s inaugural Inter-College Games

On Sunday, Feb 23 at 6.30pm, Tembusu College was announced champion of the Inter-College Games (ICG), one of NUS UTown’s key annual flagship events.

Master’s Teas take students from Japan to New York

Tembusu College recently hosted two prominent Japanese figures – Ambassador Takaaki Kojima and hairstylist Shunji Matsuo – in conversation sessions known as Master’s Teas.

The Tommy Koh observer: Notes from a dialogue

At a dialogue session held at NUS’ Tembusu College on 20 January 2014, Prof Koh, the College’s Rector, spoke on his new book, The Tommy Koh Reader: Favourite Essays and Lectures.