Talking Funny: Laughter, Comedy, and Other Serious Matters

In the aftermath of his Arts Week performance, Wei Xiang offers a few thoughts on comedy, and reflects on the importance of laughter.

The Decline of Establishment Politics

The American primaries have been dominated by the attention lavished on anti-establishment candidates. Wong Wei Xiang attempts to lay out the reasons for their ascendancy and what it means for politics in this day and age.

Space Oddity: Planet Nine, Falsification, and the Impossible Dream

The world of astronomy has been abuzz recently over the prospect of finding a new planet in our solar system. Today, follow Wei Xiang as he examines the science behind the search for our solar system’s ninth planet.

The Ballot Box

On the eve of Polling Day, first-time voter Wong Wei Xiang reflects on the events leading up to the General Elections, and considers the role that voting has in building our nation.

A Brief History of Flight

In just over a century of powered flight, mankind has made huge progress in many respects. Wong Wei Xiang takes a look back at some of the innovations that have enabled this.

Fusion, Fission, and Einstein (Part II)

In the second part of this two-part article on nuclear reactions, Wong Wei Xiang explores the possibilities and dangers of nuclear fission, and pays homage to a very famous equation.