Harry’s Game

At the end of the week of mourning for Singapore’s first Prime Minister, Jensen Goh writes his tribute.

A war of words –University Town Intercollegiate Provost’s Challenge Shield Debate Tournament Primer

Jensen gives a brief introduction on the ongoing University Town Inter-Collegiate Provost Shield Debate Tournament.

5 Tembusu New Year Resolutions

With the start of the new year and indeed the new semester, Jensen Goh comes up with 5 ‘New Year Resolutions’ that may or may not bring about a more fulfilling time in your residential life.

Parallel commentary: They won, therefore they cheated.

In one of the greatest battles between man and machine, was it machine that won? Or man who lost?

Treehouse Chats with the 5th: Meet the E-Yang

You may know E-Yang as the Intellectual Activities Director. Here, Jensen Goh reveals a few more interesting quirks and stories about him.
This article is part of the ‘Treehouse Chats with the 5th’ series, where we aim to let Tembusu residents know the members of the newly-elected 5th CSC as people, unconstrained by their roles in the CSC. Meet the E-Yang, instead of meet the Intellectual Activities Director

Learning points from InnoVenture competition

Jensen Goh reflects on his experience competing in the InnoVenture technopreneurship challenge, and shares several learning points that he gained through the process.