Man Against the Machine – AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol

It’s Man vs Machine again! Jensen Goh takes us through the recent battle between Go Champion Lee Sedol and AlphaGo, a Go AI, and the implications of what the result has for the future of AI.

The Game of Broken Telephone

Computer aided design has been the back bone of the engineering design process for the past few decades, providing quick and efficient means of communicating details about a product to be produced and being able to simulate a virtual prototype for testing purposes with today’s technology. Jensen Goh looks at the importance of CAD and how it has evolved over the years.

Big Data

Companies have been pouring in big amounts of money into this recent buzzword known as big data. Big data, as the term suggests is big, it is huge, and we find out how, much like a college student struggling with deadlines, systems make sense of all of it. Jensen Goh tells us more.

Capturing the Moment – Tembusu House Games Floorball Finals

The annual Tembusu House Games took place recently on the weekend leading in to recess week. A friendly competition between the five houses in Tembusu, it often serves as a highlight for the sporting types to claim glory and contribute to their house. Jensen Goh gives us a stunning commentary of the Shan vs Ora floorball fixture.

Freshmen FAQ: What Some of Your Seniors Think

Treehouse approached some of your seniors for those niggling questions that you always had – check out their unique perspectives and opinions here.

Crunch time – Coping with stress and the jitters

We all have that nightmare, where we blank out in an exam and all our studying goes to waste. Jensen Goh offers a method professional athletes use to keep their performance in top shape.