Nama Saya… (Reflections on the National Gallery)

Vanessa muses upon the idea of the National Gallery of Singapore as a restored space and what it can be re-invented to mean, in the light of both form and content – the many art pieces from the larger Southeast Asian region, as we attempt to negotiate between declarations and dreams.

Arts Week 15/16: Triptych: Tembusu

In anticipation of Arts Week this semester, Vanessa Teo presents a literary triptych exploring the ways in which we have been accessing the arts here at Tembusu and how we might possibly engage with them in the future.

On Finding Home, 2.0

As the new semester draws near, many of our new students might be curious about what living on campus will be like. With this piece, Vanessa Teo hopes to introduce some aspects of life at Tembusu that you might slowly begin to experience once school kicks in, and which our seniors might find familiar.

The Human in the Age of the Internet

First runner-up in the Tembusu annual best short essay competition (as announced at Formal Dinner 2015) goes to Vanessa Teo for her essay on the Human condition in the age of the internet for the Junior Seminar GEM1902S “Living and Dying in the Internet Age”.

For the Gin Nas

Jesslene Lee and Vanessa Teo reflect on the week of national mourning for the late Mr Lee, and probe at how and where we, the young ones, could move from here.

Treehouse Chats with the 5th – Meet the Naz

Vanessa speaks to Naz about what drives, inspires, and shapes the individual that he is today.
This article is part of the ‘Treehouse Chats with the 5th’ series, where we aim to let Tembusu residents know the members of the newly-elected 5th CSC as people, unconstrained by their roles in the CSC. Meet the Naz, instead of meet the marketing director.