The Tembusu is A Native Tree

Jesslene reflects on our existence, about being and becoming, about the Tembusu being a native tree.

This Place We Call The Reading Room

The semester break was short but Jesslene missed, dearly, the Reading Room. Thankful for this delightful form in which she could indulge in reading, she urges Tembusu residents to be acquainted with this charming space.

Treehouse Chats with the 5th: Meet the Yuwei

Jesslene speaks with Yuwei to discover her life to be like a game of Tetris, a little unstoppable, a little unpredictable, but with a lot of passion.
This article is part of the ‘Treehouse Chats with the 5th’ series, where we aim to let Tembusu residents know the members of the newly-elected 5th CSC as people, unconstrained by their roles in the CSC. Meet the Yuwei, instead of meet the community outreach director.

Insularity, Almost.

Exploring the intricate dynamics of University Town, Jesslene questions what it means to be a student in the Residential College Programme. Where do we locate ourselves in this space that almost hazards insularity?