Unwavering, in this University

Today on Treehouse, perplexed by the unnaturalness of the university, Jesslene questions the institution, yet also hopes that there is reason to allow ourselves to be captivated by it – that we could continue to trust the honesty and humanity in the university.

On Aging

There is often a romanticising of aging in the thought of all returning to dust or that in the end, we are as we come. Less heard and spoken of, is the story of ailing. This, though, is not to conflate aging with ailing. This rumination of sorts, in the words that follow, is not […]

Day in a Life: Ong Kah Jing, the Storyteller and Explorer

The Day in a Life (DiaL) series continues with our interview with Ong Kah Jing, a Year Two Business Administration student and Project Director of the Tembusu College/STEER Indonesia Expedition and Director of The Conservation Conversation.

Who Speaks of a History of Tembusu? 

What is a history of the Tembusu community? Where goes the Tembusu alumni? Jesslene wonders about a re-thinking of history in a way that brings truth to our tagline.

Dear Us

University, grades, an education: what do they mean? Hoping to probe all who are a part of this ‘system’, Jesslene Lee attempts to break down the angst, anxiety, or ambivalence towards this ‘system’ that we, willingly or not, pander to.

Tembusu, Living

Not everyone will find their answer to residential college life in a single paradigm of space. In this piece, Jesslene Lee explores the multiplicity of spaces she imagines Tembusu to be.