Treehouse chats with the 5th: Meet the Anekant

Xiaow Jun brings out the swag in Anekant as he shares his passion for horses and girls.

This article is part of the ‘Treehouse Chats with the 5th’ series, where we aim to let Tembusu residents know the members of the newly-elected 5th CSC as people, unconstrained by their roles in the CSC. Meet the Anekant, instead of meet the General Secretary

Mammoth, Pusheen and PAC Presidency

Xiaow Jun interviews Irsyad Ramthan on his vision and responsibilities as the President of the 3rd Performing Arts Council. As the interview moves from strengths of individual members to the management of The Abbey, it invites you to understand, think about and maybe contribute towards Irsyad’s vision for the performing arts scene in Tembusu.