Art and Mental Health

Reuben ruminates on what three artworks about mental illness and suicide can tell us about art and mental health.

On the importance of alchemy and theory crafting, or, a farewell to my college.

Yet another soppy senior goodbye reflection piece on Treehouse? Could Treehouse have gotten staler and full of itself? Reuben Wang reflects on his time at Tembusu College.

Why Singaporean politics seem more and more Americanised

America may be half a world away from Singapore, but it affects Singapore society more than you may expect. Reuben Wang explores the hidden American influences that pervade Singapore politics, and explores why this may be the case.

Tembusu spoilt the market for me on Group Work

Today on Treehouse, Reuben Wang talks about why he finds group work in Tembusu College that much more tolerable than others.

I love both the Arts and the Sciences. What to do?

Reuben Wang reflects about the differences and barriers between the Arts and the Sciences.

DON’T PANIC!: A Freshman’s Guide to the Tembusu Galaxy (Part 4)

In Part 4 of DON’T PANIC: A Freshman’s Guide to the Tembusu Galaxy, we look at the upcoming mid-term exams. Also, door hangers by Rachel Tay for the frazzled college student.