Dragons: Not Just For Game of Thrones

To wrap up our Tembusu College Expedition Sharing Week series, Isaac Neo reflects on his visit to the Komodo National Park, an example of a successful conservation effort, and explores how this might offer hope for future efforts.

Treehouse Editors’ Welcome Note

A new academic year has begun! Treehouse Editors-in-Chief Isaac and Ryan welcome all freshmen to the start of their Tembusu journey.

The Politics of Social Media

In today’s increasingly high-tech world, social media is seen as a must for politicians to utilise if they want to gain support. Isaac Neo explores why this is so and how social media can be used by politicians.

Of Washing Machines and Awkwardness

Tembusu is many things to different people. Isaac Neo reflects on his experiences in his first semester so far, and attempts to paint a picture of the Tembusu experience.

In Pursuit of Possibilities – Five Years of Perspectives with Dr Kuan Yee Han

Dr. Kuan Yee Han shares with us his thoughts about being with the college since its inception, the experiences he has had, as well as how Tembusu is family to him.

GE2015: What’s in a Rally?

The election season is upon us yet again, and Isaac Neo made his first ever trip to a political rally. Armed with his camera and ears, he recounts his experience.