Letter to the Reader: Changing Seasons

A spectre was haunting us—the spectre of covid. Just two semesters ago, it was at the end of its exorcism. This semester, that ghost is now a nostalgic shadow.  To borrow the words of our previous EIC:

It is an opportune moment to revisit our roots as we move back – but also forward – to normality.

So let us move forward! Beyond normality – let us move towards progress.

As Tembusu College’s student journal, Treehouse is naturally a space to document, reflect, and introspect with the written word. These are the roots of Treehouse. For it to truly blossom however, a rich ecology is needed. We envision this ecology to be the community.

In this academic year, we seek to build a community of writers. Our goal transcends the confines of text on a screen. We embark on a mission to cultivate a thriving ecosystem—a diverse group of writers who work collaboratively, who value both the individual and the collective, and who foster an atmosphere of continuous growth and inspiration. We hope the community we cultivate grows deep roots, so your branches may reach for the sky. Leveraging on the fact that we are a residential college, we want to expand and enrich what goes on behind the written word. We want to create an environment fo you to ideate collaboratively, to engage dialectically, to constructively critique, to write as a team. This process, we believe, will naturally enhance what appears on the front-end of Treehouse.

To you who has been nurturing that one idea at the back of your mind; to you who has something important to say, to you who has in you some idea to reveal – we invite you, we ask you to write. Articulate your world, express yourself. 

To all our readers and writers, welcome to Treehouse. We hope you find this space enriching and inspiring.