The Big Read: Inaugural Dinner 2019/2020 Interviews

This year’s Inaugural Dinner marked the first semester of Tembusu under its second Master, Dr. Kelvin Pang, and twenty cultural icons of Singapore graced us with their presence. To mark the end of this special semester, Treehouse has released the interviews of five of these guests by three Tembusians.

Treehouse would like to thank Dr. Margaret Tan for making the interviews possible. We would also like to thank our own editor Shane Arriola and tStudios photographer Malcolm Fu for their contributions.

‘Accidental Director’: The Uncurated Life of Eugene Tan
Tan is the Director of National Gallery Singapore.
Interview by Hannah Soh

Capturing Motion: Russel Wong in Three High-Exposure Shots
Wong is the first Singapore breakthrough Hollywood photographer.
Interview by Lisa Chin

A Firm Gaze: The View from Boo Junfeng
Boo is a multiple Cannes Film Festival nominee.
Interview by Hanniel Lim

Individuals Explored: A Conversation with Suchen Christine Lim
Lim is a S.E.A. Write Award Recipient and the Inaugural Recipient of the Singapore Literature Prize.
Interview by Hanniel Lim

‘Off-Centre’: Singapore’s Many Voices as Heard by Haresh Sharma
Sharma is Resident Playwright and Director of The Necessary Stage.
Interview by Lisa Chin