Hanniel Lim pens a villanelle with an existentialist interpretation of the voice of the biblical figure Solomon. It references Jewish and Islamic traditions.

I hear the proverbs of the universe
Through that delightful language given me!
All things are heard by me as metaphors.

I ask for nature’s song that never errs
And nature cannot hide its mystery.
I speak my words but hear the universe.

My senses jest me with its endless cheers
Until their pleasures are no ecstasy.
All things are made for me as metaphors.

The winds and streams recite to me their curse:
No destination is their destiny.
No scream lets me unhear the universe.

A lifetime’s worth of strives are simply slurs—
Our canons whispers of infinity.
All things are made to be mere metaphors.

Soon just the words for yet another verse,
I am a rightful language given me.
All has been heard about the universe:
God made all things to be his metaphors.

Header and feature images by Hanniel Lim 

About the author 

Hanniel Lim is a Year 1 Architecture student. He enjoys the classics and writes poetry.