Welcome Note from the Editors

Hello everyone!
To our freshmen and exchange students, a warm welcome to Tembusu College, and to returning students, welcome back!

The previous academic year was certainly an eventful one. The Academic Year started with controversy over orientation camps, which resulted in various reflections from those involved in organising to those who were participating in the camp. It then moved on quickly to the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. In the aftermath of the election, there was debate on what truth actually meant as well. There was also the visit by Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Minister for Social and Family Development, who shared and republished one of our articles.

In between all this, there were musings from various Tembusians on things close to their hearts, from reflections on STEER Expeditions, to musings on the Tembusu House Games and Inter College Games. We also pondered on meanings found in the physical spaces around Tembusu. We even wrote about our College Cat, Misty.
Our flagship Day in a Life interview series continued and profiled the students and fellows of Tembusu College – concluding with an interview with our College Master, Prof Clancey. We also ran columns exploring public health and explored the things our alumni were up to after graduation.

We have an exciting line-up of articles coming up this semester. Thursdays have been set aside this semester to our new and recurring columns, starting with DON’T PANIC: A Freshmen’s Guide to the Tembusu Galaxy – something that is certain to come in very handy for Freshmen. Afterwards, we will talk to the Tembusians who have been overseas and participated in the strategic projects of Tembusu College. Look forward to hearing from tWild’s Borneo trip, the STEER China expedition and many more.

The popular Day in a Life series also returns for a third iteration. This semester, we interview Tembusu’s unsung heroes, the permanent staff that work to make our stay in Tembusu as comfortable as possible. You can look forward to that in the second half of the semester.

Writers and contributors will continue to pen their thoughts on the zeitgeist of Tembusu College, Singapore, and the world. You can be sure we will have things to write about with the kind of headlines being published in newspapers at home and aroad.

The vision of Treehouse is to bring key issues to the forefront and spark conversations about them, in the hope that we can grow together as a community. And as the semester progresses, we hope that you will find out what a Home of Possibilities truly is.

If you want to share your thoughts with other Tembusians or just try to make sense of the world around us through writing (as Reuben does), join us as a writer, editor, or graphics designer everyone, not just freshmen are welcome! Find out more at our showcase later today (8 August), 6pm at the Common Lounge! Treehouse will also be holding its welcome tea next Monday 14th August 2017 10PM, at the Atlas. Look out for posters in the Facebook Group or in the lifts.


Enjoy the semester ahead!
Ryan Quek and Reuben Wang

Picture by Ryan Quek.

About the Authors

One of many Ryans in Treehouse, Ryan Quek is a Year 2 Business and Economics Double Degree (Still Surviving!) Student. He loves photography and food, and likes to delve into socio-political issues, tech and sport. Also has a passion for trivia quizzes.

While not buried under books, you will find Reuben digging the depths of Wikipedia and Reddit for the most obscure of trivia facts. He would like for you to know that his major, Geography, is only not about rocks.