A Two Forty-Five Affair

I’m in a relationship with Fire-alarm (F),
Though lately, things have not been well.
I said: “Sleep is just a friend,” but F didn’t believe me.
Right at the best part of our conversation,
I remember, ‘cuz it was so abrupt,
F came charging into the hallways,
Into the room where Sleep and I sat,
Butchering our two forty-five H-T-H-T;
Demanding that I leave for Town Green;
Warning me that if I continued,
I’d regret, for I was unprotected;
Shouting at me to pull away from Sleep,
Before things got any hotter,
Before it got any harder
To leave.

And I replied: “Can’t you just give me one good night?”
“We were having such a deep connection.”

But that didn’t help – and reluctantly,
I walked out,
Frustrated by this awful two forty-five affair.

Picture by Ryan Quek


About the Author

Yang Long has a deep interest in the social world. He believes that the events in our lives are the result of a confluence of larger social forces. He also enjoys guiding young children to ensure that they have as best a start in life as possible. In his free time, he reads and writes. He hopes to work in the humanitarian field one day.