Arts Week 15/16: Triptych: Tembusu

In anticipation of Arts Week this semester, Vanessa Teo presents a literary triptych exploring the ways in which we have been accessing the arts here at Tembusu and how we might possibly engage with them in the future.

Swimming in the Sea of Mindfulness — A Wave of Positive Psychology

As we approach the mid-semester mark, many of us are probably already feeling the crunch-time pressure. Mindfulness and positive psychology may help us better understand and handle this stress. Alison introduces a new field in psychology that takes a starkly different approach than the traditional problem-centric focus.

Big Data

Companies have been pouring in big amounts of money into this recent buzzword known as big data. Big data, as the term suggests is big, it is huge, and we find out how, much like a college student struggling with deadlines, systems make sense of all of it. Jensen Goh tells us more.