What I Found Coming Back

Marshall Too reflects on the changing dynamics in Tembusu after an 18-month absence.

What’s It Like To Dye Your Hair Blonde?

Marshall’s hair was blonde for the most part of a year, and he reflects on how his hair color shaped not only others’ perceptions of him, but his own perception of himself.

Confessions of a Level 5 ‘Celebrity’

The lounge as a space is integral to some Tembusians’ experience, whether for study, for debates and discussions, or for building friendships – Marshall Too reflects on how his experience of the level 5 lounge has been and what the interactions that have taken place there mean for him.

Tembusu Weekenders

Marshall Too gets bored staying in on his own weekends and goes on to ask around what other Tembusians think about their weekends in the college. Read on to a light-hearted piece that uncovers the undiscovered conditions that comes with community living, or maybe if you are just looking to take a break from all that studying.