A Straw Man Argument

Erica Lim writes about the need for disability rights in the sustainability movement, arguing that the two movements can and should work together.

Slate’s Search for Soul

Slate, the Tembusu College’s theatre collective, staged a production of Tan Tarn How’s “The Lady of Soul and Her Ultimate ‘S’ Machine” last semester. Erica Lim looks into the production team’s creative process.

Life is a Liminal State: The Art of Negotiation

In this piece, Erica Lim reflects on her experience in the Negotiation workshop held in Tembusu, and how it helped her gain a new perspective on life.

Spaces Become Reminders

“Spaces are inextricably bound to the stories we tell about them – these are articulated in names, memories, and how they’re used. ” Erica Lim reflects on the narratives we build into brick and concrete, into spaces and places we come to call our own.