Individuals Explored: A Conversation with Suchen Christine Lim

Hanniel Lim interviews the S.E.A Write Award recipient and inaugural winner of the Singapore Literature Prize for Tembusu’s Inaugural Dinner for Academic Year 2019/2020.

‘Off-Centre’: Singapore’s Many Voices as Heard by Haresh Sharma

Lisa Chin interviews the playwright awarded the Cultural Medallion for Tembusu’s Inaugural Dinner for Academic Year 2019/2020.

Visages Villages: A Delightful Enigma in Seeing

Lune Loh writes a film review of the French film Visages Villages.

Art and Mental Health

Reuben ruminates on what three artworks about mental illness and suicide can tell us about art and mental health.


Hanniel Lim pens a villanelle with a religious existentialist interpretation of the voice of the biblical figure Solomon based on Jewish and Islamic traditions.

Does Art Imitate Life or Does Life Imitate Art: Featuring Artsbuzu

In conjunction with Arts Week, Shane decides that it is timely for us to contemplate what art truly is, and what better way to do this than to ask our friends over at @artsbuzu for their thoughts!